Medical Office Cleaning Services

Both medical office cleaning and dental office cleaning require additional services beyond those provided for a commercial office environment.

The additional requirements in providing cleaning services for healthcare facilities include requiring the cleaning personnel to wear scrubs, booties, and bonnets in the surgical restricted areas at all times. In addition, everything in the surgical areas needs to be wiped down with a disinfectant, including the lights, beds, tables, and ledges. All floors are cleaned with a clean mop head and a disinfectant cleaner.

After finishing, dirty scrubs and mop heads are put into the appropriate bins and sent for cleaning. Inspections have to be met each year, and each of our cleaners has passed a course to be certified on how to properly and safely clean medical facilities where there could be infectious diseases.

Healthcare facility cleaning servicesWe specialize in cleaning for:

  • Outpatient facilites
  • Medical office buildings
  • Surgical centers
  • Hospitals


The owner and staff members of Jill’s Commercial Cleaning Service have

completed the OSHA COMPLIANT BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS training course.

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